Mental Health Most Important At This Time

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Now, more than ever before, from the moment you opened your eyes for the very first time to this point as you read this and pertinently, beyond this message, is it most important that you take care of yourself. Of course, given the current circumstances, this is not as easy as it may look to others who still believe that they know more, those without the facemasks in particular. Henceforth, mental health services in austin, tx significantly comes into play.

Because it is true. People simply are not coping. Indeed, these days, there are those who would normally have been able to cope under high pressure situations who are hopefully now coming forward to be treated. The phenomena surrounding the COVID outbreaks since its dawn over a year ago right to this point is something still quite new. Even the most rational of minds, well, rational under normal circumstances, are simply not able to respond positively.

It is ironic perhaps to observe that there are those who would usually have suffered in the past who are now enjoying the upper hand if you will. Perhaps it is these folks who are going to show others the way forward. That’s only if they will be allowed to do so because sadly, there is still far too much prejudice and ignorance. It is particularly striking because the prejudice and ignorance is coming from those who would ordinarily have been expected to know better.

At least could they not have been tolerant of others who are inherently different and who are likely always going to be mentally, as well as physically challenged at this time. Mental health issues are at an all-time high. It surely needs the seriousness it fully deserves.